About Us

We are an application solutions company based out of Birmingham, Alabama. We develop for all of today's popular devices and use today's technologies to keep your information secure.

We have experience creating apps on the most popular smart phones, creating eCommerce websites, and the integration needed to make everything work together seamlessly.

Our team of software engineers has over 55 years of professional experience. Our goal is to create your vision for the world to see and use.

So, what sets us apart from the other development companies? Support. We don't believe in leaving you stranded on an island with your newly created customized solution. We will make sure you understand how to use the product and be there for any questions that arise as you start using the product.

Our Team Members

  • A. G. Madi
      A. G. is a geek. A. G. likes to lift weights. What else is there? Want to know more? Look at his about.me profile.

  • David Ensminger
      Dave is a self-professed Apple fan-boy who enjoys hunting, fishing, and football. Actually, only one of those things is true. (Hint: fruit). Dave can be reached at dave@ensadi.com

  • Jason Carr
      Jason claims that spending time on the fairway helps him clear his head for optimum programming. While no one can prove the veracity of his claim, his history of solid programming speaks for itself. Jason can be reached at jason@ensadi.com

  • Keith Tidwell
      Keith is a programmer by day and a master fisherman by night. Actually, he probably prefers fishing during the day. Keith can be reached at keith@ensadi.com